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support, tailored to your family

We empower families by providing positive parenting and educational opportunities that are tailored to the unique needs of each family. We are passionate about learning and love to see children succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

dallas child development

about us

Our highly trained Educators infuse learning strategies that enhance social emotional intelligence to improve academic and self-confidence. We emphasize student independence and the development of critical thinking skills so children are able to succeed inside and outside the classroom. 


a tailored program to fit your families needs

The Dynamic Child team teaches 3 to 9 years, emphasizing early childhood educational wellness. Our curriculum challenges all areas of learning and is catered specifically to each family's individual needs, whether ahead or behind.



Our rotating curriculum is focused on reading, writing, math, and problem-solving.

We bring our practice to you and supply all the learning tools and materials to make the process effortless and comfortable for your child.

emotional support

We provide social-emotional coaching for your child, targeted to increase academic confidence and success.

Parental guidance to support the entire family and encourage a love of learning.


parent recommended

Julie A.

“The Dynamic Child has helped my children develop strong math, language, and problem solving skills, while learning in a fun and exciting manner. They routinely work through mazes, develop strategies for puzzles, practice sight words through Star Wars books and review addition and subtraction with a deck of cards. Our children look forward to The Dynamic Child classes, and have gained a great amount of confidence in school because of their work together."

Ashley E.

 “I cannot convey the immeasurable growth my boys receive from this program, both academically and emotionally. The Dynamic Child gives guidance and support, and assists to ensure I am raising children that will be well rounded and able to tackle opportunities with perseverance”


growing together

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