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With over 20 years of collective experience in early childhood education, our team is passionate about growth and development. As Educators, we are constantly reviewing the current research to develop new techniques and tools to enhance learning on all levels. Learn about our team members below.




In 2017, Erica created The Dynamic Child in response to families expressing a need for alternative educational opportunities to enrich their children’s academic skills. In 2018 she completed her master’s studies in Counseling and is working to finish the required hours for full licensure in the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. Erica has devoted her life to working with children and their families and is passionate about early education, development, social-emotional wellness, attachment, positive parenting skills and mindfulness. She has worked with thousands of children over their years and is amazed at how she continues to find the miracle of development both fascinating and magical! She is continually engaged in ways to encourage children to cultivate a love of learning, confidence in their abilities and the skills to positively navigate their worlds.

Erica Thomason currently resides in Dallas, Texas where she and her husband have a beautiful home a few miles from downtown. They have two Yorkshire Terriers named Hugh Hefner and Bunnie. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, practicing yoga and traveling. Erica graduated from Garland High School with a diploma and from The University of Texas at Austin with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Educational Psychology. Since undergrad, she has worked with children and families in many capacities including as a teacher, educator, wellness coach, caregiver and now as a therapist. She hopes to continue positively impacting children and families for many years to come.



Jack Thomason is a Dallas native and graduate of both Lake Highlands High School and Pepperdine University. While at Pepperdine, he earned degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, but teaching remains his major passion. He’s been a part of Jump Start, Teach for America/Americorps, as well as a private tutor for education ranging from pre-K to college level. As a part of Jump Start, Jack would travel to low-income preschools in the greater Los Angeles area and offer assistance in education and play. He married his wife, Erica, in 2014, and later joined her at PlayWisely in 2015, where they both quickly established an educational relationship with the Dallas community. In order to strengthen their connection to learning and teaching, Jack and Erica created The Dynamic Child in 2017, and continue to venture down innovative educational paths.

Jack has a proclivity for numbers, science, and organization. These tendencies have lent themselves to diverse avenues of work, from musical composition and performance to accounting databases/inventories and computer programming. Funneling these skills through The Dynamic Child, Jack hopes to create a contingent in Dallas that are specifically passionate about robotics, an area which lends itself to simple and complex mathematics and scientific thinking. In his spare time, Jack creates music and spoils his wife and two puppies as much as possible!




Destinee is a Plano native and a graduate from Plano East Senior High School and the University of Colorado. She received her degree in Anthropology and her teaching certificate for early education. She taught in the suburbs of Denver before moving back to Dallas in 2018.


Destinee has been dedicated to working with kids for over ten years between coaching, mentoring and teaching in Texas and Colorado. She also currently works with Citysquare of Dallas in the TRAC division that supports the needs of foster kids in the area. I addition, Destinee is currently pursuing a masters degree in Counseling from SMU.


Destinee believes working with children is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have and strives to challenge each child to their highest potential. She knows the importance of connecting with kids in order to create memorable learning experiences and continues to learn from them in order to be the best tool for their growth. In her free time she loves to travel, spend time with friends and family and eat her way through Dallas!

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